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come to solaura with the ticket aid program!

We never want financial concerns to be a blocker when attending Solaura!

If price is a factor in your decision to attend Solaura, or if you're facing difficult extenuating circumstances, we have a small batch of tickets available for $200 each via our Ticket Aid program.

We don't require verification of financials and we ask that you take advantage of this tool only if it will genuinely make your attendance easier! We're a small, community-oriented festival and we offer this program out of love.

Note: This is a private event. All attendees are vetted by the Solaura team, and tickets will not be sold to the general public.

You're in! Here's the instructions to buy a Ticket Aid ticket: 

1. Go to the ticket link below: 
Solaura 2022 Ticket Link here
2. Click on tickets, Enter the access code "ahelpinghand"

3. Purchase a Solaura Ticket 📣

Thank you for not abusing this program!

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