a celebration of the golden hour of summer
Solaura is an annual gathering of Bay Area communities to share in some tasty live music, magical sunsets on the beach, late-night dance parties, and acoustic performances in hidden clearings.

In 2021, we'll be returning to our roots and hosting Solaura Festival at our inaugural beach-front property in Caspar! Unfortunately, we sold out in May in under a minute but get on our list for any last minute ticket releases!
"In a lot of ways, Solaura catalyzed our new sound and concept for our album [Komorebi], prompting us to think about the importance of nature, our values and connections and ultimately return to Mendocino."
Tucked away in the towering forests of Mendocino is a 40-acre secluded ranch that we call home with a Victorian-era farmhouse, nearby hikes through the redwoods, and a sand-and-sun drenched beach cove with private access.
Get ready for bands ranging from indie rock to funk to bluegrass, jamming out on a beach all afternoon, and bumping dance parties. Bring your guitar, triangle, stand-up bass, and your most prized kazoo for the Sunday morning open mic.
This gathering is the joint effort of community houses all across the Bay Area: bringing together local performers, musicians, art collectives, and workshops arriving from over 20 communities in Oakland to Haight-Ashbury.
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