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Want to get involved?

There's dozens of ways to help us build Solaura, from volunteering to workshops to just bringing the hype! You know the drill: sign up below with the right form and we'll be in touch.


If you'd like to volunteer at Solaura in return for a discounted or fully comped ticket, set up a TimeCounts account and fill out the volunteering form in the link below!


Arts / Music / workshop APP

If you're looking to contribute an experience for our Solaura attendees, fill out this form here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Contribute an Experience

Theme Camps

We've had some wonderful theme camps bring our campgrounds to life in the past, from a Which Wig? popup dance party to late-night tea stations! We'll work with you to get you placed in a central location and schedule events.

Build a theme camp