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our values

Ask anyone's who's been to Solaura, and they'll tell you there's something special about the people who come every year. We're still not entirely sure what it is, but here's 4 principles we try to live by!


What the heck is community? It's difficult to describe, but we'll give it a shot. It's cooking up an extra burger and sharing it with someone you just met. It's partying until the cows come home with a squad of old friends. It's forgetting your water bottle but knowing someone's got your back.

That's what we're all about at Solaura - the communal spirit. Bring your best buds and come with an open heart.


At Solaura, everyone's a part of the show! We want you to jump in and make the magic with us. So bring your instruments, share some food, and gift others with spontaneous experiences - it's what makes Solaura so dang unforgettable.

And here's the kicker - what you give to others, you'll get back tenfold. We guarantee it!


We keep it real simple. There's no VIP experiences or single-day tickets. And once you're here, there's no money to spend or privileges for tiered tickets. We're all about bringing people into your tribe for the whole weekend - so get ready to be a part of the family!

Leave no trace

At Solaura, we're all about respect for the property and the environment. Pack out your trash, clean up after yourself, and make sure every space you enter looks better after you leave!

By working together, we can keep Solaura beautiful and sustainable for years to come!

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